Cosmodome Stands

The latest Cosmodome projector and mirror stand results from our long experience in the field, and includes the following important features:

  • The stand is compact and light-weight for easy handling, portability, and rapid assembly.
  • By allowing for three dimensional mirror movement, it is suitable for most projectors.
  • The stand is designed to accommodate future model changes in projectors.
  • Mirror adjustment covers variations in focus length, lens position, and projection 'throw.'
  • The stand is rigid, rugged, and vibration free, and is built for stability in case of audience clumsiness.
  • Because of various international standards, we do not add electrical fittings.
  • It does not have a work-table due to the wide range of computers used by clients.
  • All surfaces are non-reflective.
  • To restrict slipping, wheels or casters are not fitted, but floors are still protected.
  • We provide greater mirror protection by packaging the mirror separately.
The COSMODOME stand is manufactured for its versatility and ruggedness, and is designed to give years of service. It is based upon our own experience in field operations.