Cosmodome Software

Cosmodome recommends the use of SHIRA PLAYER software. While it is possible to download Stellarium or buy for-cost systems that warp fisheye movies for mirror projection, Cosmodome strongly recommends Shira Player as the best warping program available. The low cost involved is completely outweighed by the benefits obtained.

You are able to build your own presentations and use the many included apps, in colour if you choose, so your work reflects your own creativity. Before actually purchasing a licence, you may download a demonstration version at http://www.sureyyasoft.com/index.php/en/116-shira-player-2-0-0-64-bit-version. Or you can make enquiries directly to the developer at asafyurdakul@gmail.com.


Operator's Split Screen

We recommend a larger display PC in order to gain the benefits of split screen, e.g. so the operator can prepare programs out of view of the audience.

Playing Full Dome Movies or Clips

To play full dome movies or downloaded clips, on your screen:
  • Copy spherical 360-degree camcorder videos into your Full Dome directory.
  • Start Shira Player and select "play video".
  • Change orientation by mouse from the preview screen.
Sample spherical videos are available from theta360.com/tr/gallery/videos.html.


For Teaching Astronomy

Shira Player is open source software based on Stellarium. The License is under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). Shira Player also produces colored artwork similar to Nightshade.