Mirror Projection System

The Cosmodome Mirror Projection system is comprised of an inflatable dome and a mirror projection system that includes a projector, mirror, software and stand.

From the original fish-eye image movies, a computer produces a 'warped' image which is projected onto a high-tech curved mirror. The mirror displays the images on the special inner surface of the dome, so they appear as full dome movies.

fisheye For reasons of cost-saving, warranty, and service, we recommend that clients obtain their computers and projectors from local sources. We are happy to offer advice on types and brand advantages.

We sell 'First Surface' mirrors (see below), computer software and lightweight stands.

What are the Advantages of Mirror Projection?

Mirror projection provides full dome presentations for education and entertainment at a lower cost than using expensive fisheye lenses. A major advantage is that the equipment itself is installed at the edge of the theatre and not in the valuable centre space, making more seating available for fee-paying audiences.

Cosmodome is compact enough to be packed in a car and taken wherever you want to provide digital movie displays. The lightweight simplicity makes for greater portability, easier transport, and speedier set up.

Why Insist on 'First Surface' Mirrors?

Experience has shown that if a normal curved mirror is used, such as the type sold for security uses, a double image will be seen (particularly with stars) as the projection reflects from both the mirror and the front glass. It is therefore essential that for accurate projection, a 'First Surface' mirror is used.

Note: These mirrors are expensive and delicate and must be handled carefully and protected. We always recommend that a spare mirror be kept in stock against any contingency.