Cosmodome Inflatable Domes

Cosmodome domes are safe, ventilated, accessible and portable. They are manufactured especially by experienced craftsmen from multi-layered materials. All designs are fully warranted for quality and service, and are competitively priced.

Domes in all sizes are available in blue or black external colours. The internal, wrinkle-free surface has a non-reflective neutral finish. The airlock doorway maintains inflation, and special ventilation arrangements provide extra audience comfort.

Ringed and Non-Ringed Domes


Ringed domes are not needed where audiences such as school children sit on the floor. They are more useful where audiences sit on chairs, and require a higher spring (horizon) line to avoid shadows on the projected images.

Dome Safety

The Domes have no fitted floors, so in an emergency can be quickly collapsed, allowing the entire audience to be evacuated in less than thirty seconds. This is an important factor in their authorisation.

The Cosmodome Range

(Dome prices on application).

Diameter No Rings One Ring Two Rings
4 Metre Yes No No
5 Metre Yes Yes Yes
6 Metre Yes Yes Yes
7 Metre Yes Yes Yes
8 Metre Yes Yes Yes

For rapid inflation, two inflation tubes are fitted to 7-metre and 8-metre domes.

Especially for Tropical Climates

Where requested, two inlets for air conditioning may be fitted, providing greater comfort for audiences in hot or humid climates.